The Things You Need To Do To Make Your New Dog Feel At Home

All of us have experiences with change. Whether it be moving to a new town or having a new job. It is not easy for we need to have some adjustments and get used to the new environments.

That is also the same when it comes to dogs. They came from another environment and surely, your home will be a lot different. And for you to truly enjoy their company, they will have to be fully adjusted and be comfortable in your own home. There will be a transition, and here are some tips to fully establish it:

1. Have Plans

Before you take home your new dog, you will have to establish some plans. You will have to be aware of the possible happenings which means you will have to think in advance and be ready. The dog may get adjusted easily or not, so be ready for both. Also, you will also need to prepare your home for the upcoming addition. This means it will have to be dog-proofed. For them to be comfortable, they will need to have that freedom to explore. If there are things that are important or need to be taken care of, have it away from the dogs and put it in a place where they cannot reach it.

2. Prepare the Basics

In preparation for the plans, you will have to keep in mind the basics. This includes potty training and crate training. Eating is also one of the basics. Dogs, especially for adults, will also need to adjust not only includes the place but also their diet. There might be a time that their new diet might not sit well to them, and you will have to watch out if it needs to be changed or just time. 

3. Adjustment Period

As mentioned above, they will need to have adjustments and give them space with that. You will have to give them their own place where it will be their own. It will also be helpful to let them explore your place by themselves so that they can be more comfortable. Do not also overwhelm them if you are too excited. They will surely come to you easily once they are comfortable enough.

4. Establish a Routine

One thing about dogs is that they like structure and order when it comes to their day-to-day lives. It is because of familiarity and less unknown. Because of that, you will have to set a schedule for their feeding time and walks. What is good about this is it will also be beneficial for you, because it is a reminder that you have another responsibility and will be able to set it aside with your other work and chores.

5. Be Patient

Some dogs may easily adjust to their new home, but there will be others that are not. If your new dog has trouble adjusting in your home and also with their training, do not be stressed. Instead, have in mind that some things take time, and you will go there as time goes on.

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