Rich Mindset: The Psychology of a Wealthy Lifestyle

The country keeps redefining what it means to be wealthy every single day, which makes it close to impossible to pin down who exactly is considered wealthy and figure out the things that they did or continue to do to grow their wealth. Well, there is also the notion that it is only those who are already wealthy that get wealthier, which is really troubling because it makes it puzzling to figure out how to make it happen for the people trying to change their fortunes. Luckily, with young and enterprising minds such as Mark Zuckerberg and now, surprisingly, Kylie Jenner becoming millionaires without having come from old money families, it seems like there is still a possibility to pin down this rich mindset and utilize it to build wealth. Here is what you need to know about the wealthy lifestyle mindset.

Types of rich people

Experts in anthropology spend a lot of their time studying rich people and they have come to conclude that there are five different psychological profiles for rich people:

· Thrillionaires: these are the people who strongly believe that money exists so that it can be used. To them, first class lifestyle is not something that they get to enjoy once in a while, but a requirement.

· Coolionaires: This is a name coined for people that believe that whatever wealth they have made should be used to surround themselves with the best gadgets, houses and other splendid stuff that money can buy. Wealth provides a means for them to consume beauty, class, and elegance and they do it with abandon.

· Realionaires: these are minimalists. They believe that less can be more. Think about how Mike Zuckerberg, with all his wealth, wears the same type of jeans and T-shirt every single day of the week. They are not self-obsessed and they have an unmatched willingness to spend huge money on the things that matter.

· Wellionaires: These are people with a lot of money, and they use it to make themselves look and feel better. They always know where the best wellness center in the world is, where they can go and relax. They have a philosophy about sustainability and use their money to make themselves and the planet as green as possible.

· Willionaires: This is the fifth type of wealthy people. They understand how privileged that they are to have reached the state they are in. They do their best to ensure that they are giving back to the community. They are the founders of societies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They are treating Malaria in Africa and adopting Malawian orphans, they have schools for underprivileged kids in South Africa, in short, their wealth blesses other people.

These five main groups of people populate the small crowd of Americans with a net worth of at least $5Million. What many people do not understand are the principles that most of these people have employed in order to gain their current wealth.

6 psychological tricks that they use to make money

Faking it

Regardless of the amount of money that this person has in the bank or in their pockets, they continuously tell themselves that they have enough to do what it takes. They therefore keep showing up and looking the part till the money actually comes.

Ridiculous expectations

A person with a wealthy mindset is fantasizing about the private jet that they will buy, even if they are three months behind on rent. They are learning and strategizing day and night because to them, life will not be complete before they get the jet.

Money making game

They think that making money is a game such as playing chess. They are constantly moving the pieces around to see what will get them the most returns.

Money is their friend

Rich people and people with a wealthy mindset learn to relate well with money and make it their friend. They believe that money has the ability to solve all their problems and they treat it very kindly.

They are fearless

Another quality which you will find in wealthy people is their complete fearlessness. They do see the risks involved in undertaking ventures, but they are investment thrill seekers and are always ready to stick it out and see how it will end.

These are a few of the top qualities for people with the millionaire mindset. If you have been wondering how you can make your money work for you, maybe you can borrow a few lessons from these people and see how it can help you succeed in creating a business empire.