How To Bring that Art-Deco Feel To Your Home

The term Art-Deco is synonymous with decorative styles that began in France post-WWI. At its essence it is a style that stands for luxury. Art-Deco designs contain bold, geometric patterns, rich finishes and iconic motifs. This modern, elegant style has persisted throughout the years. You can see signs of it in architecture and interior design around the world. In fact, it’s easy to apply Art-Deco styling to any modern interior. Follow these steps to capture the essence of this style in your own home.

Add a Touch of Timber

Deeply-colored wood paneling is an essential element of Art-Deco. You can add timber paneling to your home to provide the perfect contrast for other accents. The wood paneling look is perfect for doors, stairs and floors. Use dark shades of wood with a glossy finish for the best effect.

Ebony and Ivory

A contrasting black and white color scheme is found in almost all Art-Deco designs. This palette provides a complex mix of simplicity and sophistication. These simple colors are very easy to integrate into any room. You can do it through tiling, painting, throw rugs or furniture pieces. Combine the palette with dark-brown wooden accents for the perfect Art-Deco combination.

Long-Lasting Arcs

Long, smooth arcs are another common feature of Art-Deco. Add these to your home in the form of windows or door styling. You can also incorporate them as mirrors or wallpaper designs. Arcs provide the vintage, luxury look that defines Art-Deco.

Buying Furniture: Think Big

When choosing the right furniture pieces, aim for larger pieces. Long tables and couches can provide clean lines to your interior. They can also make smaller areas feel roomier. Try to include just a few pieces of large furniture pieces per room. Too many pieces will make the room feel eclectic and will diminish your Art-Deco styling.

You should also think big when it comes to adding lighting pieces. Choose over-sized chandeliers in geometric shapes. Pair several of the same pieces together to add symmetry to the room. The objective is to make your lighting feel powerful, and appear as the center of energy for the room.

Metal is Key

Art-Deco is known for using modern materials such as metals and glassware. When adding metallic pieces to a room don’t be afraid to mix different types of metals. Pair golds with silvers against a black and white background. Add mirrors and transparent plastics to reflect the shimmers of the metal.

Mood Lighting

Chandeliers don’t have to be your only source of lighting. You can also use torchères and sconces to add a soft glow to a room. Look for fixtures that have a modern or futuristic feel. The fixtures should also be comprised of metals, such as brass or chrome. Also try using lighting that disperses light in a geometric pattern to add a great shadowing effect to walls and floors.

Patterned Motifs

Motifs are another popular aspect of Art-Deco design. Some of the most popular motifs include sunbursts, pyramids, zig-zags and Egyptian symbolism. Display these designs as wallpaper, ceiling trim or door patterns. Try to stick to browns, golds and whites against dark backgrounds for an eye-catching look. It is best to use motifs sparingly to accentuate specific parts of the interior.

Keep an Eye on Symmetry

Remember that symmetry is the backbone of Art-Deco. Be sure to arrange all furniture and wall items with this in mind. When looking at the finished product, imagine cutting the room in half. Does each side feel balanced with the other? If the answer is no, you need to rework the placement of your design features. The good news is that it is easy to fix symmetry problems by adding to the geometry of the space.

Art-Deco Continues to be Modern

Although Art-Deco invokes a Roaring 20’s feel, it is still very much a modern design style. Many of today’s buildings still display a wide array of Art-Deco characteristics. Due to this, it is easy to find inspiration for Art-Deco themes wherever you are. When transforming your home into an Art-Deco paradise, make sure to focus on clean lines and symmetry. If you do this, you’ll be sure to get the look you desire.